Friday, 14 October 2011

we're going to be doing this for three weeks....your kidding me!

They love their three week projects over here, had another one today where we will be spending 3 sessions (once a week) drawing on coloured paper with white pencil. It was fun today but im nearly done. I'm drawing a sea-shell. 
Morning class I was so sleepy but I was really into my project. The starting point was future and i'm looking into cyborg's, robotics and designer babies. Getting compositional inspiration from Yamamoto Takato, and looking at anatomy books for ideas.
So yeah good day I think, better than last week where I was so flu-y I could barely concentrate.
I don't know what I'll do tomorrow, being Saturday, I guess I'll see what the weathers doing first

On a unrelated note totally found a picture of jean luc picard (aka Patrick Stewart) as locutus of borg in an 1998 picture technology book!!! Yum!  

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