Saturday, 1 October 2011


Early start this morning, got up at 5.30 am and left for the airport to go to Hokkaido
Omg what a bumpy ride on the freaked.
All the trains and connections went smoothly
got to Sapporo JR station early
tried to find lunch
oooo ...whats' this a mozzarella and mushroom sandwich...yum?
     errr, no, took one bite, whats that? ooh a giant piece of beef in the middle....what the grrr. why do the japanese have to add meat or fish to everything. I think i might starve out here. luckily I've been sat down explaining my diet to the dorm people over here as I'm supposed to get 2 meals here a day. They asked me if I had a disease. I really can't understand why vegetarianism is non existent here, a place were Buddhism is so popular.
got picked up by the Bisen college guy and now at my dorm
Theres over a 10 degree difference in temperature
Just as i get used to the humidity bam! into the cold. i put my wooly socks on

sorry no photos and quite winy....i'm just hungry

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