Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My thumb!

Well I just spent like 3 hours drawing my thumb....hmmm don't think we really needed it to be honest, everybody in the class is good at drawing, it makes me appreciate the learning methods at Plymouth because you research what you need to practise. I think next week we are drawing a pine cone. It's a little like school but I did have fun doing it cus I got stuck in to it. 
I just been to the supermarket to get lunches for the week, also brought some chopsticks to give them a try, I know I cant hold them right but I couldn't find any knifes and fork sets there
got lost on the way back...not sure how though
The morning i spent in silver accessories class making a ring. from experience I know I am completely useless at metal work, and so very slow. I think he expected me to finish it today but i spent 20 minutes trying to cut through metal that took him 1.
The weather was warmer today which made me feel happier, I have homework later so I may actually put the heater on

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