Monday, 3 October 2011

First day of school

Nice and early up, tried the shower couldn't get it to work!!!! had to get assistance!
Breakfast was interesting ...miso soup, tofu (cold) and egg on toast with salad
Spent the first part of the day waling round with Miyazaki on orientation, trying to figure out a very bad map
He took me to the supermarket to explain what things were that I could eat. I was surprised it somewhat wary.
Followed by lunchtime I met my home room class mates. They are all super nice! I spoke mostly to a girl called Kei who spoke english and is going to come to Plymouth in January on exchange
The lesson was very formal, much like high school. It was a lesson on perspective. I didn't understand what the teacher was saying but it was easy to follow in the pictures/diagrams, plus the boy I was sat next to Habu helped me lots. It seems weird to have lessons on how to draw after all this time drawing however I want.
After class I met the girl who came to Plymouth last year, and the teachers gave me a box of art materials I can use over here. There was so much materials!!!
This then led to a reception/party for me downstairs, were I had to give another speech (I had to talk to the teachers in jap/english at the start of the day), and they asked me questions. There was also biscuits. it was very nice and pleasant. I showed them my postcards and they had printed out my portfolio I sent for everyone to see.
I just got home now, absolutely knackered. Wary about what tea time will bring in the cafeteria and where Im going to hide my 200,000 yen scholarship (approx £1800)     

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