Saturday, 22 October 2011

today i got over my banana fear

Today it rained

and rained

and rained

that was my plans out the window, I actually got to the subway station got out and decided to get back on even though its quite expensive, glad i did because it didn't stop raining and that wouldn't have been much fun in the park
I went to the Migashi kotaro museum of art instead and was going to go to another one but it was closed so i spent the rest of the day in the undergrounds of sapporo where theres lots of shopping and connecting paths. Aurora town and pole town.
I bought a new umbrella, since mine was completely broken, and two smoothies, this is were i got over my banana fear by forcing myself to eat some chunks. I wasn't that impressed.

even though it was raining the autumn leaves looked so pretty!!

there was a budgie house in the shopping centre

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