Friday, 28 October 2011


This weekend I will:

Take awesome photographs
Not get soaking wet from rain (hmmm am i jinxing that one?)
Understand how to get on a bus
Do more in my VRJ (visual diary)
Not go back to bed after breakfast 

I like fridays and thursdays, they are my favourite days for subjects. Print on thursday, i think what were supposed to be doing is a bit like collograph, but using modelling paste, gesso, and acrylic for texture, and drypoint if we need it. I was going to do a pegasus but because we had to come up with images without research so i did butterflies in clouds instead. Little bit of a cop out, but i couldn't make the back legs work on the horse. I got to start on my final for advertising illustration during private study as I missed the lesson on wednesday when I had Ikebana class instead. This morning i had original illustration and started on my designer baby final (lots of painting in gouache this week!!) and finished of the shell in white pencil in the afternoon. I was going to stay late and work, but I got invited out to see an exhibition at the local high school. The standard of work is so good, it puts me to shame!   
The weekend looks like its going to be a dry one, hopefully.

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