Friday, 7 October 2011

the weekend begins

...thank god its a 3 day one because I need resting time to get over this cold.
Been ill since I arrived with a cold and the last two days have been the worst with constant flowing of my nose and sneezing. The teacher even gave me his packet of tissues because I couldn't stop.
I got myself some chocolate to make me feel better
I found college more adequately challenging today, Original illustration in the morning, pretty much like doing a project, and still life drawing in the afternoon, which I would have enjoyed a lot more if I hadn't been running a bit if a fever. I'm a bit out of practise drawing objects, especially square ones and getting perspective right. I need to practise this more. I also need to bring in an object to draw next week but Im running a little short on stuff like that. I was thinking of taking Totoro, or maybe the camera. Totoro has taken joe's spot for cuddles.

Things that have struck me as being japanese-ish that I need to mention which I haven't mentioned before are ; everybody rides bicycles, tiny dogs are super popular (guess it goes with the whole cute demeanour), the toilet seats are electronically heated, you get tiny bottles of stuff (check out the fanta grape!) 

Done a little bit in the old VRJ, hopefully get some more location done this weekend
The first one is taken from a ceramic house I saw in one of the Tokyo Museums, imagination 

Hmm should have cropped these two.

Will be heading out to find the town centre tomorrow!

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