Friday, 21 October 2011

i draw the line at raw egg

I've been pretty good with food to be honest, not too fussy, had a try at a few things even if i didn't like them, but i draw the line at dipping my food in raw egg and eating it. Its just something thats drilled into my head not to eat.

I can't believe its friday again, time is speeding up. I had original illustration (pretty much painting ) this morning and drawing my sea shell in white on red paper in the afternoon.
Yesterday I did the printing for dry point etch, though i spent the first hour finishing scratching away at the PVC. I take my statement from last week and I think I would prefer this form of etching....these hassle from chemicals. Then had advertising illustration in the afternoon. I wish i had another big sketchbook (the ones form pcad) because I'll be through mine soon and the sketchbooks here are expensive

Been playing a lot of age of empires and getting my arse creamed by the opponent lol

Tomorrow I'm going to try and go to a sculpture park, hopefully some nice pictures to come!

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