Thursday, 13 October 2011

sui-youbi, moku-youbi

So wednesday I had Japanese lessons, still barely got through the first page of what we did last time, at least the months are easy, just counting to twelve and adding gatsu at the end. Im going on a trip to a gallery next wednesday and flower arranging the week after that, yay. Then advertising illustration in the afternoon with the silly little family that I can't draw and end up looking somewhat retarded! Today we started dry point etching in the morning, so yay getting exciting. Using the spaghetti technique on trees so taking some time to etch. I think though I haven't done the printing part of dry point etching, I prefer normal zinc plate etching though, it has a more manual feel to it. The afternoon brought private study, which is like homework time for me, I've told them that I don't have a great deal to do for this, I can't really do my VRJ in a tiny room with one view.  I also found the postoffice today so I sent my postcard off to my granny.
I went for a walk with my sketchbook after school, since the weather was nice and had a quick doodle, but nothing exciting. Yesterday's weather was a different story, sunny all day, I don't think so BBC weather, lots of rain and thunderstorms!!! cut my internet out in the evening so played lots of age of empires instead.

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