Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today I got to do some flower arranging, Ikebana,(my granny will be so proud)...okay well I just stuck some flowers and berry branches into a ugly moon shaped pot, but the rest of the class did some nice stuff.
I was surprised that about 1/4 of the class were male. They were all very friendly, and I like how i can say i know pokemon and sailor moon and people are like oooh yes we know this (in japanese of course)

Morning consisted of japanese lesson with a bit of history thrown in
Yesterday I finished the fur cone project, yay, i don't ever want to see another one again, and cut wax into the shape of a cat in the morning; really don't know where i'm supposed to be going with that.
and monday was perspective class which is like maths, dreaded and confusing.
Next week (tuesday) is dot shading and sea shells, i hope it doesn't last 3 weeks !

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