Wednesday, 19 October 2011

class trip!

Today we went to the Dou-ten gallery which was pretty cool, got the afternoon off.
It was nice to see lots of modern well thought out paintings and not lots of pretentious stuff
It was quite a big gallery.
I then walked with Kei and some other girls and we went to a paper shop and then a huge stationary shop. lots of moomin , disney and hello kitty stationary, it was cool!!!
I had to rush home, for tea cus i nearly missed it. We have tea and breakfast at set times.
Before this we had a guest visitor who was teaching us some paint techniques using different primers, and sparkly paints.
Had Japanese lessons in the morning, they keep saying that I should be able to guess what some words mean but I have absolutely no clue
Yesterday I worked with wax in the morning to make a pendant and drawing that damn fur cone in the afternoon. I finished drawing it and still got a lesson left so errhhh. Monday was a bit boring, perspective study, reminds me of maths. They keep having to correct me cus I keep guessing where the lines go. Joe came up with a good point that all this drawing will do me good in the long run.
SO that is the beginning of the week
Today is the day that is 1/3 of the way through my Japanese trip. It is going fast in someways.
I was talking about the weather today and they say it could get very cold next week or the week after and maybe snow. I couldn't believe this because this week the weather has been so nice! But it will be exciting to have proper snow, i only wish the snow festival was earlier so I was still here to see it but it is in February alas  

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