Monday, 26 September 2011

Studio Ghibli Museum!!!!

Today was the day I've been waiting for 
The reason I came to Japan...well the second reason the first being to study in Hokkaido 
and it was amazing!
Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pictures inside the museum :( so I have only 3

 This is the robot guardian of Laputa castle in the sky
I got to sit in a cat bus!!!!! 
The ticket is a 3 slide film reel which is super cool souvenir
The museum takes alot of care to include small details, stain glass windows with the characters, signs, walls. The building looks like a Ghibli design from the outside but more like a 1900's school on the inside with dark woods and stone floors. The map is completely useless as the building is designed so that you get lost with little stairways and doors taking you off route slightly, the moto for the museum being "let's get lost together"
There are several rooms dedicated to animation and storyboarding, as well as a room with built in scenes.
The shop was packed! I was surprised that how little variation there was to be honest, mostly focusing on My Neighbour Totoro souvenirs and Kiki's Delivery Service 
I managed to get a little charm from Princess Mononoke, a little forest spirit
I'm going to buy a totoro cuddly from somewhere else cus it was more expensive in there then elsewhere
There was a 15 minute short film showing as well based on My neighbour Totoro (warning spoilers), where Mai tricks a baby cat bus (kitten bus) inside and offers him a sweet. They become friends and that night the kitten bus returns and take Mai to where all the Totoro are going in all the cat buses. He drops her off in the middle of the Totoros and disappears, Mai becomes very scared but then in the distance she see's a little umbrella bouncing up and down. TOTORO! They go together and find an old massive grey cat bus. Mai offers the cat a sweet, she thinks he doesn't like it, but he does. and then happily ever after. Lots of Mai laughing!  

I went from one kind of illustration to another. For the last few hours of the day I went to Akihabara, manga and anime central also known as electric city. 
There not secretive about there porn, thats for sure, pretty much mixed in with the normal stuff.
 I wanted to find something I knew like sailor moon or ouran high school but I guess that's really old now (not porn ... normal anime btw!!!)

Today ended with a complete confuddle in the supermarket, I asked the assistant to help me find something vegetarian, but it was near impossible!!! I bought a salad but I put the sauce on it and made it horrible :( so I eat a packet of jelly beans instead!
They had boiled eggs in individual packaging which was cool. I wish more supermarkets in england packaged food for one person use

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  1. I wish I could of gotten lost in there with you! It looks brilliant!