Saturday, 24 September 2011


Started today in the district of Ginza 
 I went from old tokyo yesterday in Asakusa, to modern tokyo today!
The skyscrapers lined the streets and the shops were all expensive brand names

 All names of the shops and restaurants from each building ran up the side as tall as the buildings

 I visited Hakuhinkan Toy park, which was amazing! There was a whole floor for cuddly toys!!!
I'm surprised I didn't buy anything!
 Then I visted 3 galleries
This one was the work of Toeko Tatsuno, which was very abstract
Then I found a small gallery of two brothers who did woodblock prints Hagiwara Michiki and Hagiwara Naoki. They were both very kind to me and gave my free postcards! I hope I get to try woodblock printing while I'm here.
I then went to the Ginza Graphic Gallery, but was very unimpressed. 

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