Thursday, 29 September 2011

Hanging bout the centre

When I got off the metro at otemachi this funny looking thing was at the top 

I then proceeded to walk round the rest of the Imperial Gardens that I had missed last time I came

There's an extreme lack of photos from the rest of the day, I went to the National museum of Modern art which I had to put my bag in a locker for so i decided to off load my camera too and give my back and shoulders a breather
It was a pretty good museum for what I paid, it was good to see Japanese interpretations of many of the well known art movements in europe. There was also some Klee and Braque mixed in too

and OMG I just felt my first earthquake (only a little wiggle but still adrenaline just shot through the roof) Guy outside on the sofa was not bothered at all when i ran and exclaimed 'Did you just feel that"
I thought I might have felt one the other day on the way back from the Studio Ghibli Museum but wasn't sure

anyway back to my day

after the museum I wasn't sure what to do so had a nice well earnt rest well I looked through my guidebook

I decided the only place I wanted to go I couldn't figure out how to get there
I walked all the way down to Ginza (about 2 miles) so I could get a cuddly totoro!!!!

I was lucky enough to walk past the Tokyo Illustrators exhibition by chance of taking the next street up when slightly lost (though I don't really get lost I wander)

Then I came home, after picking up food that I found out I can't eat (fish eggs :S) Luckily I asked the receptionist what it was before I tried it
Had chocolate chip melon pan instead with pineapple

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