Tuesday, 15 November 2011


some scribbles i've been doing the past evening
the  3 top is for tomorrows lesson advertising illustration, where we are advertising a poster for hokkaido
the bottom idea was going to have  lots of different japanese stuff on it, but i came to halt and changed to season. the bear at the top starts with spring blossoms in the head and moves to a mountains with fields of flowers and sunflowers in the foreground with the rising sun beams behind the mountain then finishing with a japanese maple tree that changes form green summer to rich red autumn. not sure whether to redesign to include winter

The next one is my design for the christmas card competition back at plymouth, going to scan it in tomorrow and have a play.

 It snowed again today on the way home, its was awesome! And some kids stared at me, my caucasian-ness must startled them. Today I finally finished my wax pendant for casting, then spent the other half of the lesson  doodling as i couldn't do anything else. The teacher is somewhat crazy talking about nuclear weapons and telling me about how he thought america had a weapon that causes earthquakes. A bit of a conspiracy! Then dotting in the afternoon, on week 3 of the shell and working at what seems to be a good pace. 
Yesterday I finished the painting for original illustration, well maybe, and perspective thrills in the afternoon     

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