Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Tea ceremony

I pretended to drink my green tea today at the tea ceremony, it was green and frothy and smelled weird.
It was short and sweet the ceremony itself, i thought it would be much longer and intricate. I got to try some sweets though.
A buddist monk showed us round the rest of the  temple, it was very cold with no shoes on but the interior design is pleasing.

We then popped over to Hokkaido shrine and had a look round. I bought a fortune (if thats possible) (like fortune cookies but without the cookie) and got excellent luck. There were also some children there for a ceremony. ages 3 and 5 are important in japan. They were really cute dressed in there little kimonos!
Then i headed back to college for the afternoon.

Yesterday I was still working on my wax in silver accessories, and dots in the afternoon. its quite therapeutic doing all the dots for a shell.
Monday I actually enjoyed or a tleast didn't get bored during perspective class and did painting either side of that
And Sunday I went shopping for some extra layers.

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