Friday, 18 November 2011

christmas card rough 3

okay this time i've put shading into the whole thing, giving is a grain look?
better or worse, should i clean it up.
should i make the skin less white?

this is a quicker one, just threw the colour on to see what the softer sketch looks like, i think i need to make the face lighter in the levels, i didnt clean the backdrop up either giving it a speckled look i quite look. Tomorrow I'll try cleaning up one image so its a cross between 2 and 3


  1. I like it though for what my opinion is worth the shading on the face needs some tweaking, the left side does not look right to me.


  2. Lovely! I prefer the first one. It's sharper and cleaner. I like the grainy quality, much nicer than digital rendering :) x

  3. the 4th is my fav, the whiter one. looks clean :)