Friday, 9 December 2011

prints and college catch up

another week flown by, one more left
I scanned in the prints i've been doing this term

the top is an ainu doll i drew from a museu (ainu is Hokkaido's indigenous people)
I really like this print, we used woodcut and i think oil or wax layer 
we added colour but it was very difficult to control

Dry point etch, i didn't have time to do the mountain so it was just an outline because the tree took so long

This one looked good on the pvc when it was wet but didn't print very well, oh well!

This week been doing a lot of painting.
Monday we started a watercolour landscape painting
Tuesday we started painting the shoes
Wednesday we started painting final's for the poster
Thursday....hmmm i carried on with the poster
and Friday i started painting the temptation final, which i'm stressing over cus i really don't like my design (it's the guardian fish moment all over again!)

I pretty much finished my necklace in silver accessories, just need to buff it i think so heavens know what i'll be doing next week ....hopefully no more filing
and we made a folder (book binding) in print, and put the photosensitive paint on the screens for next week, it was odd that we did several layers and there paint was much more illuminous green then ours

I went to the shop that i went to on saturday straight after college on wednesday, an hours walk, and i got some books....and a totoro pillow....i swear im buying no more totoro stuff after this! (but it's so cute!)

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