Saturday, 3 December 2011

Chocolate fondue party and snow!

Last night some of the girls from my class and I went round Kei's grandmothers house to have a chocolate party in celebration of kei's birthday last weekend.
It was very yummy, and was a good chance for me to be social

It's been snowing lots!!!!

This is the dorms i'm staying in

a lighthouse in the middle of land

Today's destination...a book store and other stuff like character merchandise
Took all afternoon to find it and spent it barely anytime there cus I had to trench back to the dorms in time for tea. I did manage to pick up some studio ghibli stuff for me (i know i've bought loads already)  and some cheeky presents for others
didn't have time to look properly at the books so i'll have to go back another time 
but it's an hour walk away, and it really knackered me out walking through about 5 cms or more of snow

I haven't posted this week about college so here it is in one big block
Monday I finished my perspective drawing with colour using what i would call felt tip pens but expensive ones
Tuesday was more filing in silver accessories and started on drawing shoes in the afternoon
Wednesday was advertising illustration, been doing a hokkaido shaped outline filled with botanics of the seasons
Thursday started silk screen print 
Friday more on temptation, and then portrait in the afternoon which is going well
short and sweet record of the week 

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